Bob Pazden
Upon looking at my images, you'll see many places where I have been. Either on our continent, or another, my adventures take me to many places where I have longed to go. Although I have been to 37 countries, I know that I have barely treaded on the surface of our immense planet. I have lived in many beautiful places, as well, have lost count on the number of cities, but likely around 40, among 14 different states. I have covered many highways and trails in our amazing country, throughout 47 states. 
Wherever I travel, the people I meet along the way, is the most significant joy - their culture, foods, traditions & way of life. The Great Outdoors is what compels me to travel in the first place. A third pleasure is meeting dogs along my path, as they are some of the most loyal and loving beings, regardless. Many have had rough lives which makes for bad behaviors...they were taught to be this way, somehow. Coffee, bicycles and cars, farms & rural areas - these are some of my other joy, as I meander my way through life.
Many think I'm retired, or independently wealthy. I am neither. I have made travel and adventure a high priority - it's an unquenchable need to see and experience more of our planet. I work for a while, then I travel a bit, then I work, and I travel. I had owned the same business for 16 years, while I lived in the same house. There have been long terms without travel.  
More later ...